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Our Delivery menu is available Wed to Sun.
The Beach Hut is closed Mon and Tues.
We deliver after 5pm locally Bembridge to Seaview for free. You are welcome to pick up from the cafe after 3pm if not Seaview or Bembridge based.

Please see below our delivery menu bringing The Beach Hut to your home on the Isle of Wight.

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Our food is prepared in our kitchen at The Beach Hut. We pop in a box and deliver safe to your doorstep. We use our Beach Hut flavour combinations, champion local suppliers, use seasonal ingredients and cook from the heart.

Please note our crab meat is handpicked at a registered supplier not by us. There will always be a chance of shell in the crabmeat. Crevettes and shell on prawns will require peeling. Lobster comes with cracked claws and pickers.

Give Emma a call on her mobile 07832 127737 to discuss

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For deliveries call or message Emma on 07832 127737

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